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Click here to buy this book for only $9.99

Bullying is on the rise in our society but for years the sting of being called the fat kid has scarred many of us. We have been called fat Americans but Rev. Mark & Kathy Brown, the Minister & 1st Lady of Fitness, are fed up with hearing this and are striking back for all Americans. We are not fat we just have some fat on us so don't call us Americans fat any more. We are "energy abundant" and once we get rid of the "fat" bullying tag we can finally focus on the real problem of burning up and not storing more energy. This book will change your life and show you a new and revolutionary way how to get healthy and fit. Learn to get the health and the you want without killing yourself and without even sweating. Get one for you and buy some for your kids and friends today and now. God bless you and God bless America and lets stop the name calling and bullying now!

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