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The Browns have been involved in fitness for a combined 73 years & have trained with Olympic Gold medalists, professional athletics & world class sprinters. They have written books on fitness & are the creators of 2 fitness programs. Mark & Kathy Brown are master level & certified personal trainers respectively. “Bar none Sitacise is the best fitness program in the world because it is so adaptable, effective & doable,” state the Browns. It lets you get fit anywhere you can sit”.

The Browns also have programs in several schools systems & are available for consultation in program development. “The children are our passion. To watch a child run freely & just enjoy the fun of moving is one of our greatest joys & accomplishments” states Kathy.

Mark & Kathy Brown are on a mission to get everyone fit & healthy!

SITACISE will do just that from anyplace you will sit, on a chair, on a loveseat, even on the COUCH! SITACISE can turn every "COUCH POTATO INTO CUTE POTATOES! And it's easy! 

If you are working you can do SITACISE! On the job you can get fit while you sit & while you work! While you are watching TV you can do SITACISE! Sitting in class you can do SITACISE! studying for a test at home you can do SITACISE! Anywhere you sit is a place to Get Fit!

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